America's Yodeling Sweetheart (c) 2005

Sit back and watch her yodel, and pay a tribute to

Patsy Cline and other western gals.

Paula is a
Top Performing

6-Times National Yodeling Champion

Paula's National TV Commercial

Paula appears with Joan Cusack on the U S Cellular commercial yodeling for her kids to come home.

Paula performs as Miss Lucille Ball, Kim Darby as Mattie Ross from "True Grit", Katherine Hepburn as Ula Goodnight from "Rooster Cogburn",
and as Maureen O'Hara.
She pays a tribute to both Patsy Cline and Patsy Montana.
Here she is as Reba McEntire.
Paula appeared in the "Hank and Patsy" show in Branson,MO for 2-1/2 years and the John Wayne Show for ten years.
a fast moving, fun filled show about John Wayne, written and told through anecdotes by Ermal Williamson.
Paula mixed it up with singing country-western music. 

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A List of Paula's CDs

The show is full of  comedy and skits parodying John Wayne’s life.  There is interaction with the audience and you just may be invited onto the stage with Ermal as John Wayne and Paula as America's Yodeling Sweetheart.

Salute to our Vets

As America's champion female yodeler, and John Wayne look-alike,

the couple performs "A SALUTE TO OUR VETERANS", keeping God and patriotism in our country, describing the origination, meaning and importance of our flag


Norma Jean and Paula at Cowboy Church, God and Country Theater, Branson, MO

Schedule of Appearances

Paula earned her Second Award as Yodeling Champion 2005 by the Western Music Association


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  • Named Female Yodeling Champion 2014 by the Western Music Association
  • Paula won the Gold Medal at the Patsy Montana Yodeling Contest in 2006
  • Paula won the Silver Medal at the Patsy Montana Yodeling Contest in 2004
  • Was the 2004 National Midwestern Idol Talent Search Winner
  • Named Female Yodeling Champion 2005 by the Western Music Association
  • Named Female Yodeling Champion 2003 by the Western Music Association
  • Appeared in the Silver Dollar City Fall Festival since 2002
  • Appeared at the Pomme de Terre Black Powder Rendezvous from 2000 to 2004
  • Appeared at Dogpatch USA
  • Toured Canada
  • Appeared at the Missouri State Fair
  • Appeared at the Iowa State Fairs,
  • Talent winner for the All-American Girl Pageant for the regional, state, and national levels
  • Paula has released six CDs and will serenade you with her sweet voice.
  • "Your show is worth sharing with the public!! You and Ermal have an awesome show!! I can't wait until next year!! . . .Both you & Ermal were the best ever to work with!!! . . .The buzz in Effingham went on for days after your performance. One gentleman that attended the Saturday night show went home and the next day had a carver to carve a 'John Wayne' carving in his oak tree!!" Marilyn Rueter, Cornerstone Church, Effingham, IL

    Schedule of Appearances

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